Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review .

Hello friends welcome to Anish today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra  .)}

So today is by far the biggest day as faras the Galaxy S21 leaks are concerned because not only we have the live image of the S21Plus and S21 Ultra but also have beautiful renders that give us the best and the mostaccurate look at the S21 handsets. 

First off, here is the first live image ofthe S21 Plus and Ultra courtesy of Sakitech which shows the back of the handsets and itreveals some important details. Just like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the GalaxyS21 Plus and Ultra will have a matte finished back which is made up of glass and a shinycamera module which is also made from glass. 

The Note 20 Ultra is arguably the best-lookingsmartphone and glad to see Samsung continuing the similar design trend on the S21 Ultraas well. It also reveals that the S21 Ultra will have4 cameras and 3 on the Plus, the details of which I’ll show in a minute but I feel likethis picture doesn’t do the S21 any justice because it doesn’t look good. But in reality, it’s way beautiful than this.

And thankfully letsgodigital made some gorgeousrenders to depict how these handsets will look in real life. Max Winebach says the colors look slightlydifferent but everything else is spot on. In fact, these renders are based on live imagesof the Galaxy S21 lineup that can’t be published due to the risk of exposing the source. 

So you can be sure that this is how the S21lineup will look on January the 14th at the Unpacked Event. Unlike previous years, Samsung has made thebezels uniform all around, and not just that they have reduced the bezel size even moreputting Samsung closer to a true edge-to-edge experience than any other brand out there. 

As you can see these are the official coloroptions for the S21 lineup. The fancy colors are limited to the S21 andS21 Plus. The Ultra is only getting the phantom blackand the phantom silver. As for the cameras on the S21 Ultra, therewas some mystery surrounding that fifth camera but now we know what exactly it is. It’s not a camera but rather a laser autofocussensor. 

Samsung has made a ring for the laser sensoras well which caused the confusion. So here are the final camera specs. 108MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide, two zoomcameras, a 10x periscope zoom camera, and a 3x telephoto camera both are optical zoomand both are 10MP. And then there’s an LED flash, laser autofocus,and a mic. 

Moving on to the front, Samsung has againretained the same punch hole camera for the selfies, but you can’t clearly see it hereon letsgodigital’s renders but that’s not a problem because we have our friendly neighborhoodIce Universe showing us the front of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

To be clear, it’s not a real front look atthe S21 Ultra but rather a photoshopped version of it just to let you know what you can expecton the front of the S21 Ultra. Either way, this is as close as it can get. 

And did I say it looks beautiful. Honestly, though when I first looked at thewrap-around camera nearly a couple of months ago, I was still not sure about the designbut man, not only it looks beautiful now but it also sets the Galaxy S21 apart from thesame-looking phones out there. Of course with that being said, let me knowwhat do you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow….Peaceout 

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